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A World Of Discovery, Professor Shane Weller

Kent research for COVID-19

Professor Shane Weller is Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research & Innovation. Across the University of Kent, academic staff are focusing their efforts on helping the NHS and government agencies during this challenging time.

We have very strong research groups in Pharmacy and Biosciences and have supported this research for many years. Today, staff and students bring vital knowledge and the research to contribute to the national effort.

With your support, we can undertake more research to help make a positive difference to people’s lives in so many ways.

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Changing the lives of those with neuro-disability

A research group at Kent, led by Professor David Wilkinson, has pioneered and shown the amazing potential benefits of therapeutic neurostimulation. This is a technique to stimulate the brain from the outside (i.e. no surgery), using tested devices developed in our laboratory.

We need your help to do larger-scale studies to understand how the brain is recovering with this treatment so that we can obtain the approval needed to get this new form of treatment into routine clinical practice.

Read more about Professor Wilkinson's research


Tim Farrow-House

Our research makes a positive difference to people’s lives. Thanks to the support of our donors and partners we are able to undertake more research and have an even greater impact.

Tim Farrow-House Head of Development
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