A World Of Opportunity, Prudence

In the Footsteps of the First 500

Prudence Chikaka is a 'First 500' Scholar, studying for a BSc in Multimedia Technology and Design with a Year in Industry.

The 'First 500' were the first undergraduate students to enrol at the University of Kent in October 1965. They have paved the way for generations of students since. They chose Kent over older institutions because they were excited to shape a new university and create a new student community, defining Kent's unique student experience and culture. Today, their scholarship helps students who have followed in their footsteps to have the same opportunities they enjoyed - a university experience free of financial worry.


Sasha Langevelt

University is a great experience that can change your life forever. The Hardship fund provides the resource to make sure Kent Union have the ability to provide support to students and offer an amazing student experience.

Sasha Langevelt Kent Union President

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