A World Of Opportunity, Aldo

Supporting students during Covid-19

Aldo Manella is Vice President (Student Engagement) at Kent Union and has been working with the University to ensure students are supported during this challenging time. In these unprecedented times even more support is needed. If you are thinking of donating, your generosity will have a huge impact.

Donations to the Kent Opportunity Fund are disbursed by Kent Union and the University’s Finance Office to make sure it reaches vulnerable students, through financial support as well as mental health and well-being support. Your donations increase the number of students who can be helped, which in many cases is life-saving.

"I am beyond grateful for having been granted the Kent Opportunity Bursary as it has calmed many of my expenditure fears for the next academic year. It has ensured that I am able to purchase all required lecture resources such as textbooks and office supplies."
Emergency Hardship Bursary recipient.

A student making a delivery to a vulnerable resident


I am a mature student and a single mum struggling financially after fleeing a domestic abusive relationship and ending up homeless. This money will help me in rebuilding our home after losing everything. It will also aid my studies by taking some pressure off me financially so I can focus on my studies. I hope one day I will be in a position where I can donate myself and pay it forward as I cannot put into words how much this has helped me and lifted me by having support from my University.

Emergency Hardship Bursary recipient

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