Kasia, with arms crossed in Jarman

Kasia Senyszyn

Alumni postgraduate research scholar

Kasia Senyszyn

"My PhD focusses on how theatre companies can make their productions more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people. With limited specialist theatre available and less than 1% of the deaf community using British Sign Language, there exists a huge number of people who struggle to enjoy mainstream theatre.

"Having a hearing disability can be isolating, so my research will look at methods and technologies that can be utilised to make theatre more accessible for all audiences, and finding ways to engage more deaf audience members will also increase revenue, making the arts sector more robust and sustainable for future generations to enjoy.

"I wouldn’t have been able to do my PhD without generosity of University alumni. It has helped provide me with a brighter future and in turn, I hope my research can work towards providing more opportunities for theatre makers to create new and exciting work for all theatre fans.