Parkinson's Centre for Integrated Therapy

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Will you help us be the change in the fight against Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s disease is incurable, severely debilitating and the fastest growing brain condition with 1 in 37 people being diagnosed at some point in their lifetime. By 2065 that number is set to double which is why it is so important that investments into Parkinson’s therapies are made now to support those experiencing this devastating illness.

Here at the University of Kent, we are tackling Parkinson’s head on through the Parkinson’s Centre for Integrated Therapy. With your support, the Centre will be able to continue to combine ground-breaking research into non-invasive brain stimulation with evidence-based therapies such as:

Through this new approach to combined care, your generosity will help us provide a single and comprehensive care package that is tailored to individual need and is available in one single location.

Your gift will also enable further research to be carried out at the Centre, helping to speed up the rate of discovery. Through these discoveries, we can learn from large-scale studies in pioneering non-invasive brain stimulation techniques and how this new form of treatment is best combined with other therapies. With this understanding in place, your gift will allow researchers at the Centre to take the necessary steps towards translating this new form of treatment into routine clinical practice to revolutionise Parkinson’s care around the globe.

Your support will help the Centre to offer hope to hundreds of people, be they local to Kent or further afield, enabling us to share our learnings with the wider world and helping so many more people living with Parkinson’s to experience a better quality of life.

Will you join us in re-writing the future of Parkinson’s disease and the lives of those living with a Parkinson’s diagnosis?

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