Supporting Tomorrow's Doctors: The Dean's Fund

Supporting Tomorrow's Doctors, Today

Kent and Medway Medical School is committed to providing exceptional medical education to talented students from all backgrounds. Each year the school welcomes 100 home students onto the intensive five-year course. With the rising costs and demanding schedules, many of our medical students face significant financial challenges. That's where the Dean's Fund steps in.

The Unique Challenges of Our Students

Over 25% of our founding cohort come from backgrounds traditionally under-represented in medicine. We are proud to break down barriers and ensure the future of medicine reflects the community it serves.

Many of our students are graduates who are ineligible for student loans to cover the annual £9,250 fees, and others have family responsibilities. Balancing studies with part-time work can be an immense struggle as the course is demanding in both terms of hours of study but also in the assessment schedule – high stakes exams begin in the first term of the course. As a guide, in the first year the course runs over 43 weeks and includes nearly 800 contact hours.

Moreover, unexpected events, illness, or reduced family income can tip the scales, jeopardising academic success and potentially derailing future careers.

The Impact of the Dean's Fund

This year a gift to the Dean's Fund will provide:

  • One-off grants of up to £500 provide immediate relief for essential living expenses, allowing students to focus on their studies.
  • Peace of mind and reduced stress enable students to perform at their best, minimising burnout and maximising their potential.
  • Financial support directly addresses access and diversity goals, ensuring healthcare professionals of all backgrounds can serve our communities.

The Students' Voices:

"This fund came at a time I was particularly struggling financially. It allowed me to focus on exams and avoid extra work hours, giving me peace of mind and preventing burnout."


"This bursary is helping me make ends meet and pay my tuition fees. As a postgraduate student, managing expenses has been difficult, and this support makes a real difference."

These are just two examples of how the Dean's Fund allows our students to thrive. By contributing to the Dean's Fund, you invest in more than just individuals; you invest in the future of healthcare in Kent and Medway.

Beyond Individual Success

Your generosity helps us to:

Strengthen our local healthcare system: Kent and Medway has one of the worst GP-to-patient ratios in Britain. Equipping future doctors with the tools and support they need is crucial for improving community health.

Promote diversity and inclusion: A diverse medical workforce leads to better patient care and understanding. Your support directly contributes to this goal.

Build a brighter future: Every successful graduate from Kent and Medway Medical School represents a step towards a healthier, more equitable society.

Join us in making a difference today. With your support, the Dean's Fund will continue to alleviate financial burdens, unlock the potential of talented students, and continue to shape the future of healthcare for generations to come.

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