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Building a Brighter Medway Through Education

For over two decades, the University of Kent has been striving to break down barriers to higher education in Medway, an area often burdened by economic disadvantage. In 2005, our commitment to this mission was further solidified with the launch of the 'Universities at Medway' initiative. Our goal was clear: to provide a path to higher education for the most disadvantaged students in the region.

In 2014, a generous anonymous donor took a step that would change lives forever. They launched the Medway Student Support Fund, a shining example of generosity. Since its inception, this fund has disbursed over £500,000, extending a lifeline to 345 students facing financial hardship.

The impact of the Fund is profound and significant, from helping a student purchase a warm winter coat to providing essentials for the families of our mature students, who aspire to complete a degree to give their children better opportunities in the future.

One beneficiary aptly stated, "If I have nothing, my children have nothing." The Medway Student Support Fund bestowed upon them the gift of education and the ability to put food on their table, heat their home, and clothe their children.

Today, as the cost-of-living crisis continues to cast a shadow over our Medway students, many are confronted with an agonising choice: pursue their studies or forgo their dreams. This is where we turn to our alumni and supporters, seeking your help during these challenging times. Your support can transform lives and make a difference that resonates for generations to come.

We invite you to demonstrate your confidence in our students at Medway by making a donation to support their studies.

  • A monthly gift of £15 for three years can provide a partial IT bursary to a student, enabling them to repair their IT equipment and fulfill their studies from any location, at any time.
  • A monthly gift of £30 for three years can offer a full IT bursary to a student, granting them access to the internet and a laptop for online assignments and assessments.
  • A monthly gift of £100 can provide a partial bursary for a student to purchase necessities, travel to university, and obtain academic materials, such as books, facilitating their education and fostering their success.
  • A one-off gift of £2,500 can help secure housing, pay bills, and contribute towards health costs for a student in need.

Together, We Elevate Medway's Next Generation.

Your generosity fuels dreams, breaks down barriers, and ensures that every student, regardless of their financial situation, has the chance to pursue higher education and a brighter future. Please consider joining us in this mission. Together, we can elevate Medway's next generation and make a profound impact on countless lives.

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